Drawing from the wide world of story in all its forms, Storm Writing School examines what aspects of story affect an audience emotionally and keep them engaged. Stories have the power to transform people, to expose them to new modes of thinking, to make them more empathetic, to give them hope and ease their suffering. As Robert McKee says, “Our appetite for story is a reflection of the profound human need to grasp the patterns of living, not merely as an intellectual exercise, but within a very personal, emotional experience.” If you want to be the kind of storyteller who has such effect and impact on readers, you need to understand the inner workings of story on both the holistic level and at the line/page/scene level of your story.

Storm Writing School offers MFA-level craft tips for writers of stories. The blog serves as a repository of craft articles; the school offers courses–both paid and free–to help writers understand and put to practice techniques for engaging readers and moving them emotionally.