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2 thoughts on “The Case for Pantsing”

  1. This arrived at the perfect time. I’m a pantser through and through but as I began toying with an idea for a cosy mystery, I figured this genre may require more plotting. I tried. I really did! But it just wasn’t happening. Yesterday I decided to set the MS aside. Now you’ve given me permission (you gave me permission, right?), I’m going to let the mystery write itself. Then, of course, I’ll go back in and follow Tim Storm’s and Michael Hauge’s advice on structure.
    Thanks, Tim, for your encouragement!

    1. Yeah! Get back in there and create a huge mess. This is exactly why people need permission to pants. There’s a sense that if you can’t plot it out, it’s not going to be a successful story. But that’s not true.

      I’ve just come off of two stories that I mulled over for months, and in that time, I could not figure out where they were going until I just started writing them. Sometimes, that’s how it works.

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