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Digging into Brandon Sanderson's concept of three-pronged character development. How can you mix and match character attributes of competence, sympathy, and proactivity?
Protagonists need reader identification and allegiance, but that alone doesn't make them standout characters. A great character needs to evoke a strong emotion within readers. And there are three main qualities that allow such effect.
The defining trait of a protagonist is that the reader identifies with them, and there are two essentials that facilitate that identification.


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8 thoughts on “Captivating Protagonists: The Essentials”

  1. Great post. When writing, I always tell myself that an enjoyable character doesn’t necessarily mean likeable. As long as they have something I can identify with, or I can understand their motive whether right or wrong, then I’m happy.

  2. A great, in depth look at writing captivating protagonists! I find this very relevant, as my main character isn’t really all that lovable, certainly not at the beginning. She’s meek and lets people control her. I’m using those unlikable qualities as a starting point for her big character arc. It’s the thing she ultimately needs to overcome.

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